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22.02.2019 (580 дней(день/дня) назад)
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ЗаголовокKristina Yakovleva. Kin domain for me is ...

Кристина Яковлева. Родовое поместье для меня - это..2.jpg

When I am talking about our kin domain, I often feel like Baron Munchhausen, who is ready to saddle up a horse and ride in all directions at once. Thus, I decided to draw a seven-color flower and describe seven most significant meanings for me of the "Kin domain".

So, the kin domain for me is ...

1. Plants: the information about plants, those already growing and can grow. I tell about it in my project “The Alphabet of Herbs and Plants”.
2. My Parents and Grandparents. Kin domain keeps family stories, ancestry, photos etc. This area gives me the property an "ancestral" value.
3. Our Children. You get here when you read, study and put into practice everything connected with children. Conception, pregnancy, birth, upbringing, basic and additional education, creativity, etc.
4. This is the story of our family and everything that helps us to be strong and happy. Here are intertwined my and my husband's lifes, our acquaintance, our characters, preferences, aspirations and relationships.
5. The energy of love: Love for me seems to be a living energy that lives all around us, gives its warmth and inspiration to all of us. She helps us to be together, unites and protects us.
6. Infrastructure of domain: house, electricity and Internet, roads and water, a pond and a garden, a greenhouse, a future garage and a workshop, as well as all the technical devices and tools. And, of course, the history of the birth of all these objects, subjects and their interconnections.
7. Meaningful books: there are so many significant books that I love very much. For example, the books of Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre from the series “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”. They gave us inspiration to create a kin domain.

My tireless rider most often seeks to all these petal meanings, and I invite you too on a trip to the kin domain land

Кристина Яковлева. Родовое поместье для меня - это..3.jpg

Кристина Яковлева. Родовое поместье для меня - это..4.jpg
Photo - Kristina Yakovleva

Кристина Яковлева ПРП Росинка.jpg

Kristina Yakovleva

Kin domain Settlement Rosinka, Yaroslavl region

#ringingcedars #gardening #Megre #VMegre #RingingCedarsofRussia

Kristina Yakovleva. Kin domain for me is ...
_Kristina Yakovleva. Kin domain for me is ...
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