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442 дней(день/дня) назад Категории: Организация поселений из РП  Метки: vladimir megre 
Dear Mr. Megre, usually people in our community speak about Anastasia and how she influenced us in such a positive way. Yes, all this is true, but I think that we all should think more of the writer ...
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Hello, is there someone???

To all members and participants,

first of all I'd like to thank the people who created and who run this website and also the ones who participate. However, following lines are not directed to you!!

It's simply wonderful to have a possibility for meeting people with similar thoughts and ideas and sharing the own view of the world. Now we have such a great opportunity on the internet and most people on this forum don't take this chance. I really can't understand that... Most profiles don't even have a photo and just a minimum of information is being shared. Worst of all is that most people have a 0% replying rate to messages and no posts at all. WTF?? This is not showing the spirit of the 'Ringing Cedars of Russia' book series. Are you afraid of showing who you really are, or what? Excuse me, but I'm really disappointed. Personally, when I see such profiles, I'm not interested at all, neither in them nor the people who are behind them... But, isn't exactly that the porpose why we're all here? Getting to know each other?

I'm a 100% sure that the majority of you are great people and could share so many interesting and beneficial insights, life experience and knowledge. Even if it's just a little, it'd be so nice to know that about you... So, please share and get connected and let's be strong as a group.

We're the ones who're going to change this world for a good and we need to unite! How can we do that if we don't show eachother who we really are...?

Sorry for my strictness and swear words, but my intentions are good :'D

I love you all :-)

Željko (Жељко)

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  •  Kemble Walker (kemblewalker) написал(а) 11 дней(день/дня) назад (нейтрально) 

    Hi, I agree with you. 


    My suggestion would be to fix website and design of this network to allow easier use! I am advanced IT and find it very difficult, sorry but honestly there have been many mistakes in designing this website. Mostly it is too big, there are too many "things" happening. As Anastasia says, "Calm movement is essential" (3.21). Better to start with a very simple interface and limited functionality, then grow according to user interest and activity. So now we have this website... Of course we will persevere because we love the Ringing Cedars, we love Anastasia, Vladimir Megre and all family homestead creators around the world.


    Now I will update my profile, but not without serious difficulty navigating the site. I literally am typing this in Gmail because I couldn't input text properly in the RC website. It makes me sad that the RC company is wasting money on extraneous features that make the website worse, when they could have gotten a much better product for probably 5% the cost or less if they had opened to their community to build and design this stuff together. 


    My recommendation: 

    strip 98% of functionality, 

    make website mobile responsive, 

    make it image/caption based sharing only, 

    build a big beautiful frontpage based on trending/most recent posts

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  •  Жељко Ћ. (Жељко) написал(а) 232 дней(день/дня) назад (нейтрально) 

    Hi Galina! You're right, that's really a pity...

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  •  ГАЛИНА Андреева (Gala) написал(а) 236 дней(день/дня) назад (нейтрально) 
    it seems no. Social network Vkontakte is more active.
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