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19.04.2018 (839 дней(день/дня) назад)
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Добавил(а): Kody Tillotson

Aspiration - ask a nation - tell us to save them - fate elation. Turn around and find them dancing - from one side to the other, swaying and chancing. Down by the water collecting nothing - down by the water imagining great hunting. Bushes for miles and miles. Grass right up-against you saying you will birth a child. Geese look up all the while. Song birds when water needs to move spryful - enough to look behind for a trial. Mine was by fire far away from the Nile. Maldek and Ces leaving wild - all of us entering into pride tolerance artful. Draw me a face, mine will still be bridal. Maybe that means I have broken the style? Let me find you. I have been searching, I will try cool - and then give it to you working! Too much to do, without a school. Children use elephants to protect us and give news. Boars tusks sharpened to make gravity swoon. Plucked a flower who's pollen calls stones back to the sun and moon. Call with me, follow to the T, protect the alien substance like landscapes with extra heat - a caterpillar land with bands and teats. Leafs change color to call out to the land and re-think. Sit here, Rus is near, making music like masks in the forest clear, making noises like Mediterranean care. North is under my chair, rising up on the run - if I have forgotten, I will be pulled on at once. Medicine man, wise-kid in learning. Burning my eyes with a place like eden in serving. This is why I am yearning. We are in the line of fire, and scorpions are also learning. Natural disasters I am courting. Marry me, and peace will be worthy..........

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