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High Up Yellow Love.
Posted By: Kody Tillotson

Wah-wha-wha  what! High up yellow love, weave me so gold and help my blue move along. At the top of my lungs, high trees still strong, and when water needs to move quick, the birds will sing along. Where did they get that from? 10,000 years we have been sleeping, and before that, our mother's and fathers imbued them all with love so strong, I am speaking. Eternal ringing,

with a music so clear that the born to be pure with a line from so long ago will be seeking.  That is all of us is what he is believing. And it is her eyes that will also want to weave you in a space

of love. Joyous fore-bearers  are reading. Together and with the plants, with the task and with the man, we will be accelerating the speed of your thinking. Keep me in singing and in reading, my own good motherland  is where I am believing, and in the world, there is a girl, a Universe Goddess who's witness will unfurl. Where are my arms? For this moment I am drawn. All across the wind and my efforts are all for dawn. Must make right, in this life, come to me that moment when soul-mates collide. I am telegony, as the Earth is hot, take some and make some, then cure me off. And then I am on, yet again, this is Earth and I am sending beauty out to every friend. Cede is me, seed just like the sea, all elements inside with Ces and that is just the

eternal dream. The dream I am looking for, and thoughts yet again, have brought glory to all

birth because of our co-creation. Saw your face, in infinite space, come the time to create our planet, you will pull me together from my blasted state. We are Love! Particles like doves, send our days of breath and rays straight to the young!

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