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19.04.2018 (887 дней(день/дня) назад)
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My Girl's Home
Добавил(а): Kody Tillotson

Awaken, on the forest floor. Under the sky that she adores.

She looks up, to find more! There is a sun in the sky and it is shining all the time! Break through, into noon,Wet grass running, in the nude! When she sings, she gives off memories. There is a power in her mind, and it is blooming all the time! So she will take the world on it's own terms! She wants to believe that in return, The lessons in life are worth more than when they were learned! She makes good clothes, something new. And there is good news, beyond that horizon blue! A gladsome people, and they look like you! When these Men and Women they speak, they give off memories! There is a power in their minds, and it is blooming all the time! So they will take the world on their own terms, they do believe that in return, the lessons in life are not alone, hearts beating round an image born! Not from the Earth will Love be torn! Stars on high will take on simple form. An alphabet weaved into the herbs and trees, were we see children sleeping, there where they were born!

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