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19.04.2018 (845 дней(день/дня) назад)
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Добавил(а): Kody Tillotson

Forget all Anti-mind because One co-creator inspired by the Universal energy of love is greater than all inanimated sciences combined which are deprived of love. Separate Aspiration death from Image death by Perfecting the dwelling land. Give a particle of Lucid Dream, by Remembering  the stolen image of creation ability, by Never stealing a complex of partial urges from woman or man. The Universe girls are gathered together on Earth combined! An eternal home is on your side. Spend all my time in the garden, where I hear the hills and all earthly ills are departed. Universal will has started arising in me as the joyous glow of a joyous upbringing, in the valley of Man, and when it is sent,

the energy of love makes brightest the thoughts of Man, and joyous prodigy to a Universe girl

who is heavenly sent, heaven on earth unfurl under our firmament. When doves call with the breeze, and when summer sun is rising and herbs are scattered free underneath the trees, exciting the terrain, or lulling it into a fragrant strain of scent like the sea, and how close is everything in beauty; I see it in your eyes when I awake to find the whole world on the side to a spacious rhyme, and time on time the sun to rise highlights your face, and it has already taken me away to the greatest state, of being with you in our space of love. Motherland eternity bows to our feelings of life and thoughts of love. Making light with the world so this is eternity that buds from the tree that we touched, thinking of he, and so for us all of life will see a new family amongst the Earth's pristine gardens of resplendent  beauty. Most truly rivers of love, and lights from great oceans above. God he loves, and Man he stands, as the kind ruler of the Earth's grand ray forever to come. This is life in the garden as it awakens Man's soul to the pristine origins of where he is from!

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